Firefly is  offering something new for people with drug and alcohol problems in 2014.

Our dedicated team of friendly, experienced and professional staff will be available for clients. We will be offering tailored assessment, community detox and treatment for a range of addictions including alcohol, stimulants, gambling and opiates, including substitute prescribing where needed.

Plans for in-patient detox are underway and we will be releasing more on this in the New Year.

Firefly is discrete, safe and supportive, building on the best of what is currently available, but will also include a new self-help programme and the latest in online technology.

Personalised Service

Some key differences about Firefly mean that it will be particularly suitable for those with busy professional lives, who are concerned about using NHS services such as for reasons of confidentiality, not enough available time or lack of flexibility.

All of our doctors, staff and clinicians at Firefly work within UK guidelines, best practice and the law, but in addition we focus on areas that can traditionally be difficult to accommodate in existing public services.

See our blog for more information.